The Chartists

The Steam Pie label came into being in 1981 when members of Islwyn Folk Club who had become The Chartists got fed up with numerous folk labels of the day saying they wanted to issue the album of the same name - but there was always a reason why they wouldn’t. Eventually the band decided that they should do it themselves. So - learning as we went - the label was born and that first release got great reviews from around the world. In time other musical members of the Islwyn Folk Club followed suit - Huw & Tony Williams being the next act up and so on. It is a tribute to the talent that was part of that folk club in the early 1980s that so much of what we released was so well regarded, reviewed and rated. Huw & Tony Williams

For most of the rest of that decade the label continued to issue the occasional release - most of the albums benefited from Tony Williams’ fine production work at his ever evolving studio set up in Brynmawr. The last album release of the 20th century was that of the Cardiff a capella trio The Milk Shakes. Apart from Geoff Cripps producing a charity album to mark Action Aid’s 21st Anniversary in 1994, - the label went into a period of hibernation whilst day jobs and TCS Productions for all of Huw & Tony Williams’ work took over. The label was re-born in 2003 when Allan Yn Y Fan released its first album “Off The Map”.