“If Welsh music is perennially considered the poor relation in the Celtic tradition, Allan Yn Y Fan are moving mountains to change all that.”

“...So look out Scotland and Ireland, a new Celtic Tiger is prowling...”

Gorthrwm y Gweithiwr

Recorded at Tinopolis studio, Llanelli for Heno S4C.

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Technical Rider

The band will provide:The venue will provide:
  • small 19" digital mixing desk
  • stage rack
  • DI rack
  • microphones
  • XLR cable looms
  • no backline required.
  • amplification
  • speakers
  • speaker cables
  • 6x microphone stands with boom arms
  • monitor system
  • XLR cables
  • power for backup.

Speakers & amplification

A compatible 2 or 3 way speaker system is needed, or a full range system (bose, meyer, turbo, martin, ev,kv2, etc.). amplification should be compatible with the speaker system and size of venue. allowance should be made for ample headroom.

Mixing board

require access on the stage or at front of house to two channels of the in-house sound system for the stereo left and right outputs for our mixer. our mixing desk will be set up between 1/2 and 2/3 of the way back into the room and requires 1.5m x 1.5m space for the small 19" digital mixer. we will need to run our own single cat5 digital network cable from stage to front of house.

Microphone stands

6 microphone stands with boom arms are required.

Monitor system

5 monitors powered or amped wedges, to be fed by two mixes from our mixing desk. the monitors will need to be paired 3:2 (see stage plan). please position monitor speakers approximately 7' (2m) from front of stage.


4 general washes and 6 specials to pick out individuals.

Minimum stage measurement

Ideally 20' wide x 10' deep (6m x 3m) but in smaller venues we'll do our best to fit on what you've got!

Sound checks should be scheduled for three hours before show-time. this allows for a more complete check and allows time for correction, alteration or replacement of any sound equipment should the case arise. for an 8:00pm show-time, the stage should be set and all sound equipment should be set up and tested by 5:00pm. thank you!

Any questions?

Call Rob (sound engineer) 07824 541600 or Geoff (Allan Yn Y Fan) 07973 850289

Technical Rider

Technical Rider for Festivals